How Many Properties Do You Need To Own To Retire in Florida: An Investors Guide

How Many Properties Do You Need To Own To Retire in Florida: An Investors Guide

Michael Linton: Real Estate Investor | Founder Linton Global

Michael Linton: Real Estate Investor | Founder Linton Global

Do you have a goal to retire in Florida? Not too long ago I made the decision to retire in Florida (It was after moving back to the Chicago area for about 6 months) so I sat down and mapped out a plan that was designed to help me achieve this goal. I want to share this goal with you here. (Share this plan with your friends by utilizing the social media buttons above)

I first decided I wanted to get into real estate investment back in 1985 (only 3 years out of high school) after reading Financial Genius by Mark O. Haroldsen. From thereon, I was determined to become more erudite in the field of real estate. Since then, I have more than three decades experience in real estate analysis, financial modeling, mortgage banking, due diligence, real estate fund management, construction management and real estate brokerage. You may download my online resume here at

After reviewing my resume, you can concur that I am qualified to assist you in your retirement aspirations here in Florida.

So back to the original question; How Many Properties Do You Need To Own To Retire in Florida?

How Many Properties Do You Need To Own To Retire in Florida?

How Many Properties Do You Need To Own To Retire in Florida?

The answer is …. it depends.

It really depends on your lifestyle. Do you want to retire with just your basic needs being met or do you wish to travel, play and enjoy the finer things in your golden years. But be careful not to become house poor. 

My wife Peggy and I always tell our customers that we do not want to run into our customers at the grocery store buying ramen noodles while we are buying steak.  Be careful not to over-extend yourself with debt. I got into trouble back in 2006. I should have exuded the wisdom of Proverbs 22:7 which simply states the borrower is slave to the lender.

Deciding on the number of properties to own also depends on your investing strategy. Today my strategy is much different that 2006. Back then it was about flipping properties. Investors were more like day traders in the stock market. I saw investors flipping condos in Daytona Beach and walking away with more than $80,000 after owning the property for about 10 minutes. This strategy worked well until the credit crunch and the financial meltdown of 2008. My strategy today is buy and hold, paying off properties and owning them free and clear. My sub-strategy is to think like a banker. My goal is to have 2 Million in assets working for me.

Give me a call and we will figure out a plan that works for you.

What Can Owning Rental Properties Provide You With?

Owning rental properties can provide you with:

  • Cash Flow
  • Fantastic Returns
  • Tax Advantages
  • Leverage


Increasing the Earning Power of Real Estate Investments with a 1031 Exchange

I wrote an article previously about increasing the earning power of real estate investments with a 1031 exchange, but let me summarize here.

What is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 Exchange is a tax shelter that allows an investor to defer their taxable event from the sale of their investment property. 

When completing a 1031 exchange, an investor can increase their portfolio of wealth.

The real estate investor can change the type of investment property. Maybe you want to change your investment from single family to commercial properties.

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While the concept Mega Agent Expansion may just be entering the minds of many agents, Keller Williams is home to a growing group of mega agents who are already experiencing enormous success through expanding their businesses into multiple markets. – Posted on February 10, 2015Keller Williams Realty International 



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Is Retiring in Florida all it is Cracked Up to Be?

Now that baby boomers are reaching retirement age, Florida is being deluged by a new wave of retired residents. There are many benefits to living in Florida.

If you decide to move here for retirement some of the key factors will be what part of the state will you live in?


It is also a lot of fun to be with your peers and to be able to enjoy a lively retirement. If you are concerned about moving away from your family, rest assured that they will be eager to come and visit in the winter.