6 Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

6 Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Michael Linton | Real Estate Investment Trust Expert

Michael Linton

A lot of people who were in the commercial real estate business during the early 2000’s were lucky. They rode the tidal wave of cheap and easy money to building a lucrative real estate portfolio.

The current commercial real estate market is far less generous. Commercial real estate brokers must be smarter and more knowledgeable than ever before to get a deal closed these days. This website gives you important information about commercial brokerage today and explains not only what role The Linton Global Real Estate Group plays in the present and increasingly challenging market, but also the details about the many different elements of this continuously more complex process.

To get started, here are our 6 mindset strategies for today’s commercial brokers:

  1. Don’t mention the appraisal. Your lender will order their own and nobody will use the current appraisal as a consideration of the current value.
  2. Know your project and own the numbers. Saying “It’s in the 10 gig attachment” says to the lender you don’t care or are ignorant of the deal.
  3. Be Short and Concise in your initial presentation. Give your lender what he or she needs to know today to give you a verbal pass or play.
  4. Be able to “intellectually” support the requested underwriting and exit strategy. Does it make sense? Pretend your lender is a jealous spouse and be ready, willing and able to prove your points.
  5. Act like an underwriter, not a real estate broker. Put yourself in your lender’s shoes.
  6. Your loan request is a reflection of your own intellectual capital. Don’t waste it.

Pretend your lender is a jealous spouse and be ready, willing and able to prove your points

The Linton Global Real Estate Group is a private commercial advisory firm that provides short-term commercial loans secured by all types of commercial real estate. With over 30 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge to find creative solutions to the most problematic transactions. Whether you are in need of a time sensitive acquisition, construction funding or a bank workout, Our team can help and will respond immediately to your commercial real estate needs.

Feel free to contact us at (312) 612-1031 to discuss any commercial real estate questions.

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