Real Estate Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling

Investment Banking and Financial Modeling Education:
Real Estate & REIT Modeling
Financial Modeling Training Program
• Completed real estate development model for office complex, with waterfall returns modeled for multiple equity investor classes and different developer promote levels
• Built model for hotel renovation and created sensitivity tables to determine optimal level of renovation funding, relative to potential upside in IRR
• Created 3-statement projection model over 5 years for Avalon Bay [AVB], leading residential REIT; based model on segment-by-segment buildup for same-store, development/redevelopment, acquisitions, and dispositions
• Valued Avalon Bay [AVB] using public comps and precedent transactions and metrics and multiples such as FFO and AFFO, as well as Net Asset Value (NAV) model; also completed Levered DCF and Dividend Discount Model, and learned concept behind Replacement Value methodology

Awarded Real Estate & REIT Modeling Certification by passing with score above 90%

Financial Modeling Fundamentals
Financial Modeling Training Program
• Built 3-statement operating model, valuation, DCF, and merger and LBO models based on case study of Apple and Research in Motion
• Used SEC filings and equity research as basis for models, and learned how to adjust numbers and make appropriate assumptions
• Completed bonus case study on Ralcorp’s $5 billion bid for ConAgra, and determined appropriate valuation and possible rationale for rejection of offer
• Completed bonus case study based on Silver Lake’s $24 billion leveraged buyout of Dell; recommended against doing deal due to lack of insight into margins and substantial risks in “downside” scenarios

Awarded Financial Modeling Fundamentals Certification by passing with score above 90%

Michael Linton
Linton Global Real Estate Investments
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