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My name is Michael Linton and I would like to introduce my business to you. Yes, I am  a real estate  agent; however I am not what you would call a traditional agent. I have built my business  catering to  real estate investors looking to build their investment portfolio or sellers who wish to liquidate  their  holdings.

My team has systems in place to assist the following types of clients:

• Residential Investors – Create Five (5) Income streams for each property.

• Asset Managers – Liquidate large real estate holdings.
• Accredited Investors – High level real estate investing through real estate funds and/or private offerings. *
1031 Exchanges – Find replacement properties with stable cash flow. Call (312)612-1031 for info.
• Sellers of Real Property – We may already have a buyer for your property in our existing pool of investors

If you have been thinking about investing in real estate, we can help you whether you are a beginning investor, a seasoned veteran, or an Institutional buyer. Interested parties should sign up to receive my “Weekly Top Ten Investment Properties” list. Call me at (386)307-5050 to get your list.

If you have been thinking about selling your property, we are currently looking for Off-Market properties to bring to our buyer pool, investors, family office investment managers, and Institutional buyers. Call me today at (386)307-5050 to see if your property qualifies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. If you do not have a real estate need at this time, please keep this letter on file. I would like to do business with you in the future. If you know of anyone who has a real estate need, please pass my name along so I can provide professional service to them.


Michael Linton
Keller Williams Realty Florida Partners – Asset Acquisition/Disposition Manager Linton Global Real Estate
Miami Real Estate Fund, LLC – Chief Investment Manager
Chicago Real Estate Fund, Inc. – Chief Investment Officer


Read more about my business at:
* Accredited investors who meet the Accreditation Requirements, as set forth under the Securities Act of 1933 Sub-Section 4(2), Regulation D, 504, 505 or 506, and 4(6). This correspondence does not constitute a solicitation of securities or an offer of a solicitation of securities. Securities are sold pursuant to private placement memorandum or registration statement only.

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